helps to promote individual and community wellness, prevention and literacy

The focus areas of the Self Family Foundation are deeply rooted in the values of founder James C. Self and his son, Jim, who believed that a community was only as strong and prosperous as the individuals who lived in it. During his nearly 40 years as chairman of the Foundation’s board, Jim Self shaped the Foundation’s work by continually asking questions and seeking solutions to solve problems. Today, this work has evolved into two primary focus areas, education and community wellness, and a secondary focus on arts, culture and history.


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We believe that a good education is the key to providing lifelong opportunities, so we support programs that enhance school readiness and promote the intellectual and social development of young people

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Community Wellness

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We believe that wellness encompasses a full range of approaches to creating vibrant, healthy communities, so we support collaborative programs that promote healthy lifestyles, prevention and health literacy.

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Arts, Culture & History

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We believe that arts, culture and history are what make our communities places in which people want to live and contribute, so we partner with other organizations to increase awareness of and access to cultural opportunities.

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