Grantmaking is based on the belief that all communities have strengths as well as weaknesses, and that positive, long-term change occurs when a community’s strengths serve as the basis for action. The Self Family Foundation will support organizations that help people rebuild their communities from the inside out by focusing on assets and mobilizing relationships between local institutions, businesses and residents.


Guidelines to Program Aid

Primary geographic area of interest is Greenwood, South Carolina and surrounding counties.

Primary grant target areas:

    • Education: Enhancing children’s school readiness; working together with schools, families, youth-serving organizations and other community organizations to support the intellectual and social development of our young people.
    • Health Care: Individual and community wellness and prevention; revitalizing neighborhoods through collaboration with community organizations, businesses, public institutions and local residents.

Secondary grant target areas:

    • Arts, culture and history: Increasing awareness of and access to activities specifically within Greenwood, South Carolina.

Primary qualifiers:

    • All applicants must submit a plan to sustain the project on a continuing basis after any funding is approved.
    • No loans.
    • No grants to individuals.


Application Procedures:

Guidelines to program aid should be considered carefully before submitting any proposal.

    • Letters of inquiry or requests for information may be e-mailed to Mamie W. Nicholson or mailed to the address below.

Contact Foundation Program Officer by e-mail or phone prior to submitting proposal.

Written proposals up to 5 pages must include:

  • A description of objectives and activities
  • Leadership (including Board of Directors)
  • The purpose for which assistance is desired
  • The plan for accomplishment (utilizing existing community assets, both human and financial)
  • How results will be measured
  • A copy of the organization’s latest IRS tax determination letter evidencing eligibility for private foundation support
  • A copy of the latest financial statements (including budget identifying income sources and expenses)

Proposals must be submitted online via the following link and include a Letter of Request signed by the agency head, CEO or Director :

Grantee Application

2018 Proposals are due by March 1, June 1, September 1 and November 1 to be considered at the quarterly trustee meetings held the third week of April, July, October, and December.


Mailing Address:

Mamie W. Nicholson, Program Officer
The Self Family Foundation
120 Main Street
Greenwood SC 29646