We believe that a good education is the key to providing lifelong opportunities — beginning at birth and continuing throughout a lifetime. Yet, nearly 19% of Greenwood County’s children are not ready when it’s time to start first grade, and 17% of students drop out before finishing high school.* Therefore, the Foundation focuses on supporting programs that enhance school readiness at all ages, and work closely with schools, youth-serving organizations and other community organizations that promote the intellectual and social development of young people.

*Kids Count data 2010.

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Arts, Culture & History

Arts, culture and history are what make our communities places in which people want to live and contribute. We view a vibrant arts and cultural community as vital to the revitalization of our town center as well as the economic development of Greenwood County. To that end, we partner with art and cultural organizations to increase awareness of and access to the arts for residents of Greenwood County.

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Community Wellness

Wellness encompasses a full range of approaches to creating vibrant, healthy communities. From clinical healthcare, to plenty of safe and appealing green spaces, to healthy food and water supplies — a holistic approach to healthy living is key to creating thriving neighborhoods and communities. To foster greater wellness, we provide support for collaborative programs that promote healthy lifestyles, prevention and health literacy.

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